The Card Store includes new features that allow brands to optimize their Card listings, much like SEO for website rankings. The marketplace now supports keywords and descriptions, enabling brands to strategically position their Cards to reach the right audience.

As the marketplace matures and the audience grows, brands will also be able to explore revenue opportunities through paid listings, rankings, and content to maximize their exposure.

And because the Wallet Group understands the importance of authenticity and brand credibility, they’ve also added a foundational verification service. As brands go live or claim their Card, their listing will be adorned with the infamous blue check, similar to Facebook and Instagram.


In addition to the Card Store enhancements, The Wallet Group converted 90% of the entire Card Portal onto its Enterprise APIs. This means Card Partners can now integrate directly with The Wallet Group technology in their own platforms, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

In tandem with its recent ‘Card meta data’ development, these APIs can integrate with future tie-ins. The potential applications for this technology are vast and exciting, and pave the way for future advancements.